Exploiting trust in wealth management and among family

Veronica Cascavilla, partner of our law Firm, was interviewed by Private, private banking and wealth management focused-magazine, about trust’s employment in family-related wealth management and asset handovers.

Originally born in Anglo-Saxon legal systems, trust can be conveniently exploited in a wide variety of cases and for many different purposes due to the segregation and asset protection effects it naturally delivers. For instance, it can be used as an efficient vehicle for asset handovers, especially in the context of family-run companies, which is often underrated among entrepreneurs. And it also affords efficient solutions in marital relationships’ crisis, enabling to stipulate an accurate property division in such a way as to properly prevent any risks related to the unfortunately widespread failure to obligation of maintenance.

If you wish to know more, download the extract from 2021 January issue of Private Magazine!

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